Sunday, February 8, 2009


For anyone that has been reading for the last few months, you know of my younger brother and the passing of his Fiance. I've barely seen him since then and I often wonder how he is doing. Today I came across this. I have a link to his blog on the side there but there is something wrong with it and so I haven't been getting updated when he writes.

His writing made me cry. I cant begin to imagine the pain that he faces on a daily basis but I wanted to share this with you because he is so much better at updating than I am.

Even though he is only 17, he has taught me so much in life. It is because of him that I write and for good reason; this guy is an awesome writer. I have five brothers but Sam has always been the one that I have felt most connected with. He has a beautiful mind and an unbelievable compassion for anyone. I really am blessed to have him as a brother and I only wish that I could do more to help him through this incredibly painful time.

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Amanda said...

He is a great writer. It does make you said thinking about what he may be going through, but there is no way to actually imagine it. I wish him the best and thanks for sharring.