Monday, February 16, 2009

randomness from my dating life

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day The Ex and I got engaged. Last year I was a mess and made the big mistake of trying to call him. Thinking back, it was definitely one of my most pathetic moments. We had been apart for nearly a year, he was with P and we were both expecting new babies. I don't know what I thought would come out of that phone call, but I did it anyway and ended up spending a lot of the day crying.

This year I spent the day with the kids, cleaning their bedrooms. I didn't even realise what day it was until just before I went to bed. Then I dismissed the thought just as easily as it had popped in my head. It really is amazing how fast things change.

There is a new boy now. Well, there was one last year too so I cant say that's why Im not an emotional wreck, but it helps. :D New Boy and I have been talking online for two months now and we are finally going to meet. Im not normally one to wait like that, but its just how it happened and now Im glad. I really got a chance to know him and Im more excited to meet him than I have been for any of the others that I've met online. But also, NERVOUS! Ack! I've really started to care for him, but other than one phone call, all of our communication has been online. Its so strange because I feel like I already know him, yet I haven't even met him.

So lets recap, shall we?

Excitement over meeting New Boy + Nervousness over meeting New Boy = Breaking out like a teenager.

Seriously. Im 25, someone has to tell my skin to back the hell off. We meet on Friday and my face looks like Im 15 again. This is very much not cool, especially since New Boy is 32 and probably hasn't dealt with such problems in what? 15 years? Shit.


Kristi said...

How fun and exciting! Hope all goes well! Can't wait for the new boy update.

Amanda said...

So cute! I'm so happy for you that you were able to move on this year and not even worry about your ex! I hope it goes well with the new boy since you deserve it!!

Melissa said...

Your so cute.

I think it's going to go great! Your an amazing person and you hella deserve someone set in his life!!! xo

Astarte said...

Honey, strap in, because breakouts NEVER end. EVER. I'm 35, and there's a zit on my forehead as we speak. Shit. I'm gonna be 80 and reaching for the face soap.