Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have TEETH!

Well not teeth, but there is a tooth...or the tip of one. Anyways...!

Yesterday my chubby little monster finally sprouted his first tooth! Squeee! He was exactly one week shy of being seven months old.

I don't normally get overly excited about baby milestones, probably because I've been through so many of them, but I do love baby teeth. They just look so adorable with those little chompers and drooly mouths!

I've had a baby that got teeth at four months old and another baby that didn't have a single tooth in his head until well after a year. I think Chris was around 10ish months with his first one and now with Josiah at 7, they're all over the board!

So tell me, when did your little one sprout their first little chomper? What about crawling? I know that one will be soon but Im curious to know when other babies have done it...well, other than my own anyway :)


Astarte said...

I think both of ours got their first teeth at about three months, maybe a little later, but around then.

I can't remember exactly when Patrick crawled, but Josie was around 7mo, and I remember that because she crawled backwards for about two weeks, which was funny, but also awful, because it pissed her off like nothing else to get continually further from whatever it was she wanted!

Kristi said...

Kaeli was a ridiculously late teether. Her first one was at 13 months, but the rest followed really quickly afterward.

She started crawling at about 7 or 8 months. After that she couldn't wear dresses until she started walking. The dress would get caught in her knees, and she would fall on her face!!

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, baby teeth are great. I'm really trying to remember when Zachariah got his. It was at least 8 or 9 months. Isn't it funny how drastically different it can be from kid to kid?

I know that he started crawling right after he turned 9 months though. I was thinking he'd go straight to walking, because he'd been cruising furniture since 7 months. But he did walk right around a month after crawling.

Amanda said...

So exciting! Its a good thing you are working on changing over from breastfeeding to solid foods. I can imagine its a little more uncomfortable with teeth. Yeah!!