Sunday, September 14, 2008

Allow me to direct your attention

to a brand to new blogger! Her name is Melissa and she is none other than my very own SIL. Since she is new to this whole blogging business, it'd be great if everyone could mosey on over to complimentary chocolate and give her a big 'ol welcome.


Melissa said...

Awww, Cherry thanks!

Amanda said...

I will def check it out!

Emblita said...

Will go check out your SIL. But I really wanted to send out a BIG CONGRATULATIONS! on the new house and a hopeful ending to the custody battle? with the stupid ex!
It may be dated but I think this calls for a You Go Girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm come from TAIWAN!

I know you in the Postcrossing..
I want Exchange postcard with you..
If you agree,Could you write the mail for me! Thank you..

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Kristi said...

So I'm sure your busy with your new house, and, you know, life and stuff, but I miss you!!!

Melissa said...

Yeah! Come back chicky-poo!!!