Friday, September 12, 2008

You guys are so great

Im definately feelin' the love now! I was feeling down and its nice to have some sort of validation, even if it is stupid or silly. But you guys made it all better so yay for that!

Moving day is Monday and I can not wait. Ive been doing really stupid, mundane things to try to get ready for it but really there is little that I can do. Most of our stuff is in storage and because I had to pack everything and move it all in 7 hours, I just threw stuff in boxes. Unpacking is going to be a nightmare! Also because everything has been sitting in a storage unit for 3 months, its all going to need to be washed which will take months with a new baby Im sure. So Ive been washing what little clothes/blankets we do have with us in hopes of getting ahead a little. There were garbage bags of clothes in the garage that are now washed and refolded, ready to be moved and put into dressers again. Ive washed my bedding and put it away so that when I collapse Monday night, Ill at least have clean sheets.

Im worried about how long it will take me to get settled in the new house though. Its not like I actually have a job at the moment so I really do have loads of time, but its the babies that will keep me away from it. Josiah is only 2 months and Michael is 22 months. Both of them require a lot of attention and they are not both down for the night until about 9. Has anyone else had to move/unpack with little ones around? How did you do it?

The other down side to this whole moving thing is that I will be without internet for a few days. I tried to make the appointment for the tech to come on Wed but they didnt call me back to confirm that they had someone avail for that day. So Im guessing it will take a little longer than that so we'll have to see. Ill be missing everyone by then and Ill probably end up ignoring the towers of boxes to spend a couple hours catching up on all of your posts.

In PIF news, IVe almost got Dr. Maureen's package ready to go but Im waiting to unpack some things to decorate the box. I was just going to do something small and send it off anyway, but then time got away from me and I figured I was close enough to getting my things back anyway. For a teaser, the box inclues something from this etsy shop as well as this one. I wont tell you what Ive picked because I dont want to ruin the surprise, so you'll all just have to wait for Dr. Maureen to do her big reveal when she recieves it!


Amanda said...

Good luck with moving and I look forward to your return when you get your internet connection up and running! Have a great weekend!

Astarte said...

Wow, Monday!!!!! That's so great!!!!

Don't kill yourself over the unpacking. It will happen. Just do what you absolutely need to, and then get to the rest as you have time. Says the woman who hates boxes so much that she unpacks entire houses in three days. Seriously, it's unhealthy. Try not to do that.

Kristi said...

I moved a year ago, and I think there is still 2 unpacked boxes in my closet!! Take your time and don't stress.

Can't wait for the reveal of the PIF prize!!

Whimsy said...

It gives me HIVES to even think about moving with little ones underfoot. I suppose it's the old recycled advice? That you unpack when they're asleep/napping? Dude, I seriously CAN'T think about it. I feel for you.

And also: VERY excited about what you did to the BOX!!!! Can't wait!