Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Part Two

So right after the laundry episode Michael came into the living room to show me his "snack." He had eaten a snack a few minutes before consisting of crackers, cheese and grapes so I thought he had just gotten his bowl from the kitchen to continue eating. But no. This kid went into the fridge, got out the block of cheese and decided to eat the entire thing! By the time he brought it to me, he had already handled the whole thing and taken a few bites so it wasn't even salvageable. Man, this age is so difficult. If I just had the other three, my stress level would probably be cut in half. Im hearing slaps on the kitchen table right now which he usually does after he has spilled his juice so Im sure Ill have a mess when I go back in there.

But to balance it all out, Rayden showed up in my bedroom Sunday morning (a little too early) with this:

He even made a smiley face with the syrup!

It was so sweet and he was really proud!


Kristi said...

OMG. How sweet is Rayden! The syrup smiley face is priceless!

Swistle said...


Melissa said...

Got to love when kids get random ideas like that!!!

Whimsy said...

That is just too cute.

Amanda said...

Aaaah, breakfast in bed. So sweet!