Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PIF Update and Week four

I wanted to make sure people were back from the long weekend before I closed the PIF contest and since I just got another entry, Im going to wait one more day. Tomorrow morning (don't want to give away my time zone but lets just say very early) Ill close it and announce a winner. There have been some great ideas so far and I cant wait to go shopping for it. I bought some maple syrup candies shaped as maple leaves but Michael found them and ate one so that's off the list!

Week Four:
I was back and forth about what to do with this week after everyone's wonderful suggestions. In the end I realised that I am buying a car this week and that is gift enough in itself! Next week I am joining some type of class that will get me out of the house alone one night each week. I almost went ahead and got a magazine subscription which was one of the suggestions but I decided to wait on that one for another couple of weeks. My weight hasn't changed at all since I started this which is good in that I haven't gained anything but sucky because I wanted to continue to go down a bit. Ive been eating really badly for the last two weeks so that probably has a lot to do with it. Usually I gain everything back in the few months after my babies are born so I end up being whatever I was at 9 months pregnant. This time though I am determined to not gain back any of the weight that I have already lost and try to loose a little more. We'll see how it goes though with the cold weather and holidays coming up. Im realistic about this taking a long time and I don't trust diets so it will come off slowly and that's fine with me.

Today is the last day of summer vacation for Rayden and it is raining! I get my car tonight around 6 so it is probably too late to do anything but we might go out for ice cream or something just to say goodbye to summer. Rayden asked if I could bring him out to supper tomorrow evening because it is the first day of school. We usually go to a restaurant for a meal near their birthdays and we didn't this year because he was waiting for a day when his dad and dad's gf could go too. I feel bad not bringing him because he is old enough now to know that it is a tradition in our family so I may just bring him out tomorrow night just to make up for the guilty feelings!


Astarte said...

You should post some before-and-after pictures. You seem slim to me, anyway, but I'm curious as to how far you've come. :)

Kristi said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the PIF. So fun!

I think the class idea is great. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Chraycee said...

Hello, I'm leaving a comment to let you know that you won my pay it forward contest! 8o) Please send your address to claybustertra at yahoo dot com.