Monday, September 8, 2008


Well Ive finally found a house! It is a little more expensive than my last one but the man that showed it to me had a copy of last year's power bills and they are waaay less than my last house!!! I also found out that I have a little more $ than I had thought so thats really gonna help until I go back to work in the spring/summer. It has been a good day!!!

Also Ive heard from Dr Maureen about her PIF win. Thanks Swistle for passing on that info!

So recap on contests...

I won the plain white box PIF from whimsy and held my own contest.
Dr. Maureen won that contest and will be getting the (not so)plain white box shortly.

I also down right stole this contest idea from Spuddy Buddy and will put together a prize package when I randomly draw a winner. I wont be closing that contest until I have at least 15 entries or the end of the month, which ever comes first.

I also won Chraycee's PIF and will be holding my own in a couple weeks.

Whew! Thats a lot of contests ( and links!)

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Astarte said...

Hooray!!!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures, and for you to move!!! This will be so wonderful for you. Congratulations!!!!