Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Michael has started the terrible twos! I know his age would have you believe that he wouldn't start that for anther few months but this boy is ahead of his age, you see. He has started throwing the worst tantrums! and over everything! Just now I forgot to let him "help" take out the bowls for lunch so he freaked, with a capital "F" even. This morning it was because I wouldn't let him play with a fork about a foot from Josiah's head. ARG!

It all means that he is developing in the right direction and learning how to have a little control over his life, but ho boy is it hard. I don't fight with him because that would be pointless. Instead I am firm in whatever rule I am upholding and I try to redirect his attention elsewhere. Yesterday after a few minutes of tantrum I finally got him to come around by tickling him and then letting him tickle me. That was an easy one though and most of the time it takes a lot more effort from me. Problem is that I usually have Josiah in my arms or am busy making lunch or whatever so I have to really make an effort to address the issue.

My mother tells a story about my oldest brother throwing his first tantrum in a grocery store. He was freaking out and wouldn't stop so she pulled down his pants and spanked him. It wasn't harsh or anything but it embarrassed him and he never threw another fit. Now it is a different time and spanking is not so good anymore (especially in public, could you imagine?!) but the same principle is true. If you allow it, it will happen more. If you nip it right away, it should go away on its own.

In the end, Im happy that he is becoming more independent. He refused to eat lunch today because as he said "mumble mumble like it!" (which I interpreted as "don't like it").

Only 1 year, 2 months and 8 days until he is three...


Kristi said...

Ugh...I do not miss that age!! I got lucky with Kaeli...she was the sweetest 2 year old in the world but the day she turned 3 she became crazy stubborn...Good Luck to you!!

Astarte said...

I used time-outs in stores. When the kids were really little, I would turn the shopping cart around and push it backwards for the time-out, and then as they got older, I would find corners to stand them in. Anything can be a corner as long as it has two converging sides, so displays, even flat walls worked. I can remember many times that people came over to me and said that it was nice to see someone actually disciplining their kids. I only had to do it a few times, too, because being reminded of it, and the embarrassment they felt when I did it, were usually enough to nip the behavior in the bud.

I think the distraction thing works well, too. I mean, a 2yo isn't going to come around and agree with you, really, so just saying 'no' and moving on to the next thing seems to me to be the best way to deal with things.

Hooray for the car!!!