Saturday, August 9, 2008

Writer Failure

So Ive failed my self-challenge of posting here every day. To be fair, it has been a busy couple of days with Rayden's 7th birthday and all. But even though I have been posting, I cant stop thinking about my blog. Do you other bloggers do that? It may just be the novelty of having a new blog or maybe Im just crazy like that; who knows? What Ive been worried about though is how I come off. Like Ive mentioned, Im not sharing this blog with my real life peeps and so the only medium through which you have to know me are these words. That is probably one of the worst things I could say to fellow bloggers though because for the most part we are not supposed to care about what people think of us. I also started this blog as a place to document my thoughts and life with the added bonus of community and networking thrown in. But I do care, in a not-really kind of way. Could you imagine what internet rejection would be like? Yuck!

So back to where I was going with this; Im not a great writer. Im not witty or creative and I have no idea about grammer or other english major type stuff. To be honest, I dropped out of school after grade nine and barely passed the writing portion of the GED 3 years later. My four years of university is the only thing saving me from sounding like a cave woman trying to communicate with a series of grunts and odd gestures.

Despite my failings as a writer, Im willing to push through and keep up with this blog and hopefully one day find my voice. Who ever I am will eventually come through in my writing as I relax a bit and get comfortable with the whole idea.

Because I hate to end it on a negative note, here are some cutie pictures of the newest addition:


Swistle said...


My brain paths have permanently re-routed now, so that everything I think, I think in blog-post form.

Kristi said...

My brain is constantly in blog mode now too! There are even nights when I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about everything I want to say to the Internet world!!