Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its Make Over Time

OK. Hmmm. Alright. So it seems that I've really let myself go in the last oh year or so. No wait, it has definitely been longer because last summer, I was a MESS! Ugh, I don't even like to think about that time in my life. I guess I did clean up a bit last fall though, I mean I did have a man and I did get PREGNANT. So maybe I should just say that during my last pregnancy, I let myself go. OK, glad I got that settled. Sheesh.

I haven't had a hair cut since last October and Im pretty much totally embarrassed to go back to the upscale salon/spa that I usually go to. What makes it worse is that my stylist is actually really good friends with The Ex. I noticed that he had a fresh hair cut this past Sunday when he was dropping off the boys though so Im guessing he wont be back to see her for a bit yet. Maybe if I go see her now, she'll forget all that we talk about and wont have any dirt to give up to him. Nah, that's more of a joke, well kinda. But I do feel uncomfortable talking with her about him and she always brings him up. But really, I am in serious need of a total do-over on this thing that sits atop my head. And that is why I have made an appointment for Saturday. Yay, go me! Ha!

Aside from the hair, there's a lot of other "stuff" that I need to take care of. But I will start at the beginning cause I know how all the numbers just sound like "blah blah blah." So Im lucky enough to not usually gain much or any weight during my pregnancies. I gained 10lbs with Rayden and lost 1lbs with Michael. Now with Josiah I stayed at the exact same weight the entire pregnancy. I wasn't very small when he was conceived and at the first doc appointment I weighed 188 lbs. At my last doc appointment I also weighed 188 lbs. It was pretty cool. At Josiah's 1 week check-up I had lost 22lbs weighing 166. He is now 5 weeks old and I weigh 163. It hasn't been coming off nearly as fast as I would like it to this past month, but considering the large boost that I started with, Im quite happy. My goal though is 140. Im 5'7 so that isn't anywhere near skinny but a nice number for me. Oh, and might I add ONLY 23lbs TO GO!

So considering both of these areas of myself that I need to get under control, I've decided to start a make over of sorts on myself. The weight loss will continue until I get there and since the cold weather is on its way, it may take awhile. Im hoping for more like 6 months tops but we'll see. But the fun part is that Im going to do something that will make me feel better about myself each week. Im not really talking about the repeat-five-things-you-like-about-yourself-in-the-mirror type feeling better, but more the shopping! getting my hair done! girls night! type things. This will be the first week with my new do on Saturday. I haven't decided yet but I think next week will be a new pair of jeans. Right now I spend most days in pjs and its really getting depressing. (See below!)

Just to show you what we're working with here, this pic was taken on Rayden's birthday last Friday. Be warned before you scroll any further...it's a little scary!

Notice how baggy the top is? Ya, that's cause I wore it last month, while I was pregnant! Wish me luck.


Susie Q said...

Good Luck!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Good luck with the weight loss! I think a new pair of jeans is in order.

And you has such thick gorgeous hair! I'm so jealous. Good luck finding a new stylist. A good one is so hard to come by. Maybe instead of finding a new one you could stick with the old one and just not talk about your husband.

Whimsy said...

Wow - good luck with this!