Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Plain White Box PIF

So as I mentioned I won Whimsy's PIF (pay it forward) contest over at The Creamery! Well the package arrived today. I first thought it was an order I had placed at an Etsy shop (more on that later ;) but then when I peeked inside I glimpsed the polka dots that Whimsy had teased us with in this post.

Inside was all sorts of exciting things for the boys and I. Whimsy did a really great job picking out things that we would enjoy even though I had only started this blog days before she came by to find out about me.

There was a notebook, cards, cute little pens, a butterfly stamper thingy, lip gloss and gum for me. And for the boys there was animal crackers, playing cards, a mini bowling game, stickers and fun little face clothes that expand when you put them in water! My favorite by far were the cards which is exactly what I was hoping to get!

I included the last picture because you can see the handy little rule sheet (top left)that will be included and sent along with the box. It outlines the whole process with URLs to where it all began. I really didn't expect everything to be so organized but this lady has got it all figured out! All I have to do now is hold my own PIF, add a little decoration and my name/place specifics to the inside and fill it up with new goodies.

I haven't decided all of what to include in it yet. Im a little limited by space in the box but Im sure Ill manage. I placed a few orders on Etsy to include whenever they arrive but otherwise, Im waiting to learn more about the winner.

Specifics and whatnot:

(oh and I am simply copy and pasting from Whimsy herself)

-You've got to use the box (obviously) for your PIF

- Add some decoration to the box, could be anything, just don't destroy the box itself

- Post your name & location on the inside of the box's lid

- I'll send these instructions with the box itself, but when you post your PIF, please include these details as well, so that any new entrants will know what we're trying to do here

- Once you get a winner for your PIF, you'll send the box on with the instructions

Get it? Cool

Alright so that just leaves the contest itself. Im trying to think of something to make you post about but I have no idea....hmmm...Ooh how about you make it easy on me and just tell me one thing that would be great to include in the box for the winner. Sound Good?

Yay, Im still excited!


Susie Q said...

Can't wait for the contest!! I love to win stuff!

Susie Q said...

I'm an airhead, didn't read the post properly....what cool things to stick in the box?? Hmmmm how about some of the cool dollar stuff from Target or maybe a book or two. I love to read and would love to get books. Anything you pick I'm sure would be great.

Whimsy said...

Yes, the size of the box sort of **does** limit what you can put in there - but then again, I kinda liked that challenge.

So, hmmm, to put in the box: how about some sort of candy that's only specific to Canada?

Kristi said...

I was totally going to say the same thing as Whimsy. I think it would be cool if the box was full of Canada specific stuff!

Missy said...

Whimsy totally stole the good idea! I love the idea of including things that reflect you/where you live as well as things you think the winner would like.

Dr. Maureen said...

This one sounds really fun!

Leash said...

Yup. Canada-specific would be SO cool. :P

I don't even have any better ideas.

ya ya's mom said...

chocolate, lots of chocolate!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Baby stuff (expecting our first in March) or a good paperback you loved or candy... pretty much anything! :)

stephanie said...

Hi, here from Whimsy's site! How about... oooh delightful smelling candles? we just moved into our first house and I need LOTS of new candles. :)

Erin said...

Hmmm...I love Whimsy's idea and also Barb's idea (a book that you recently read that you enjoyed). Other than that, anything from Etsy is always wonderful!

Shelly Overlook said...

I like the region specific gift idea, too. Whimsy rocks!