Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To Clarify

I realised after I published the last post that if anyone does happen to read this then they may be a bit confused about my situation. So to clarify, at least partly:

The kids last summer at our local botanical gardens

  • I have four children, all boys
  • The first was born when I was 18 and his dad didn't want to be a dad
  • When I was 19 I met my ex-husband who I then had two more children with
  • When our third was only a few months old, the Ex moved out
  • Somehow I managed to find myself pregnant again when my third turned one but this time with a guy I hadn't been seeing very long
  • The guy disappeared when I told him
  • Baby number four was born July 2008 and I haven't spoken with his dad since Dec 2007
  • Ex Husband is engaged and had a baby girl in June 2008 (2 wks before mine was born)
  • All the kids live with me and the three oldest visit the Ex

I also realise that this post opens me up for a whole lot of judgement and criticism. I am prepared for the first however I will not accept the second. I am writing here for myself, as a benefit to me. I have chosen to be completely honest about my situation and the mistakes and choices that I have made in the past. If you can not accept me and only want to criticise then please move along, no one is forcing you to read.


Swistle said...

ZOMG, we should totally have playdates! I think the only people who can have playdates with large groups of children are OTHER large groups of children! We even have compatible ages!

Cherish said...

So so true Swistle! Too bad we live in different Countries!!