Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sans Naps

Yesterday marked the first day that Michael will no longer be taking naps. I hate to give them up so early I mean he is only 21 months, but he really needs to. Most nights he is awake until at least 10 and sometimes even later. Ive always been a put-the-kids-early-to-bed kind of person so this just isn't working for our family. One of the biggest things that I establish early on is an early bedtime and an early rise. Usually 7-7 works for me. I am totally willing to get out of bed early so that I can have a peaceful evening to myself. When I just had Rayden we would sometimes be up at 5am having breakfast because he went down for the night at 6. That was when he was a small baby but he has continued this pattern and still prefers to go to bed early.

So Day One was a little challenging, especially since Josiah was fussy for a lot of the day. Around 3pm Michael really wanted to take and nap and he kept asking me for a bottle because he was sooky. I eventually distracted him with a snack and some play time and then he seemed to have a second wind until about 8pm last night.

Today is definitely harder already and it is only lunch time. He started to get tired around 11 this morning and will probably crash in a few hours. From doing this before though with my older two, I know that after about 3-4 days of consistency in this new schedule, he will reset his sleep at night so that he gets more out of it and isn't as tired during the day.

I have no idea what we are going to do together when the older two are in school next month and Josiah is sleeping. I was really looking forward to that time for myself so that I could get the normal daily things done. This way I guess he and I will have some quality time together though that Im sure he is sorely missing since the new bambino came along.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My daughter stopped taking hers around this time as well. It worked out though because her brother wasn't napping either so it was just easier having them both awake!

Hopefully you will find something to do while your other son is sleeping!

Kristi said...

I hear you on the getting the kids to bed early idea! I NEED those quiet night hours to myself to unwind. (and to fulfill my addiction to reality tv!)