Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nap Update

What has it been now a week and a half? I have no idea actually thanks to that post-birth mommy brain of mine. I know I was upset about Michael having a late nap with his dad on a Sunday and I know I forgot to remind his dad about the new plan this last Sunday, so.... Sometime between 6 and 13 days, Im guessing; but even that could be wrong.

But anyway we pretty much have it beat. Sometimes he falls asleep in the late afternoon and I only let him go for about 10 minutes before I wake him up but that's not every day. He goes to bed about 7ish and wakes around 8 which is so much better than the nights of 11-7! He seems a bit more tired lately too but he does need some time to adjust. A couple weeks of consistency and he shouldn't even feel tired through out the day, hopefully anyway. He is also coming down with a cold so that could be making him a bit more tired. If that seems to affect him too much, Ill have to let him nap and redo this in a couple weeks. We'll see.

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