Sunday, October 12, 2008

As much as I dont want to admit it, I AM NOT the center of the world. Hmm, who knew?

A few weeks ago I was grocery shopping with all four kids (madness, I assure you). They were being particularly difficult that day because Chris decided to join Rayden in his quest to be as naughty as possible. I controlled them as best as I could while zipping through the store in record time. But then came the checkout line which is probably the hardest part because I cant distract them with movement or trick them into helping me pick out something. Between putting all the bags back into my cart, trying to keep the older two from completely destroying the store, holding Michael down in his seat (cause those darn harnesses do nothing!) and trying to hush the baby, I noticed an older gentleman watching us from the line behind me. Obviously I didn't have a chance to think much of it and so we just went on with what we were doing.

Eventually I had all the kids buckled into their car seats and the groceries in the trunk and I headed off to put the cart into those holder thingies. I got there at the same time as the man from the checkout line and so I just smiled and put my cart in. As I started to walk away though he commented on how difficult my life must be with all those boys but that he had a wife at home with dementia and would trade with me any day. He completely caught me off guard and I had no idea what to say. I just mumbled something as we both walked back to our cars and then sat there in mine thinking about what he had said. Yes my kids are difficult and I often wish my life was easier but rarely do I consider the difficulties that others are facing. I assumed that man was judging me for not being able to control all of my kids but inside he was dealing with his own difficulties.

Sigh* I had another couple paragraphs written here but then somehow they got deleted and that stupid automatic save thingy decided to save the post right at that moment. Even if I knew how to undo I couldn't now because the darn thing saved only after it got messed up. I really don't feel like typing all of it out again, mostly because Im feeling very jumbled and my thoughts aren't coming out well. Anywho, if you have a similar story please share.


Melissa said...

That's heart wrenching! I know what he's talking about though I have my grandfather fighting with Dementia. This kinda sounds like you know what you are going to be thankful for tomorrow ;)

My story is that no matter how hard it was when Rachel was little and she was my first, I looked at all my other friends who had medical problems during labor and effects happen to the baby after. It gave me an extra boost to be more patient because I'm lucky to have her in my life healthy and happy.

Melissa said...

I often think of these things when I am feeling overwhelmed in my life with things not going the way I want. I laugh about how silly my "thing" is after I read the news or hear about someone in my 'circle' and how worse they are doing than me.

Astarte said...

That is a very, very moving and thought-provoking story. That poor, poor man, to be going through that with the love of his life.

I see my lost nephew's photos around out house, some of which were taken only weeks before he was killed, and it's like a slap in the face to be grateful for who and what I have while I still can.

Amanda said...

I guess when you have the chance to step back and look into someone else's life, yours isn't always that bad.

I feel bad for that guy's situation, but be very greatful for what you have! I know you are!

Robyn said...

Oh man, I would have thought the same thing. I guess it's true about that old saying of walking in someone's shoes.

And seriously, how do you shop with 4 kids? I struggle with just one well behaved one.