Friday, October 31, 2008

As promised...

Oh Hi! I thought I might actually post those pictures of my house that I promised so long ago.

So, this is my front entrance...Ooooh, exciting!

And here is my much-more-exciting living room:

and my super retro kitchen that hasn't been updated since the house was built:

Notice how I didn't even clean up before I took these? Nice.

Finally, these are the boys' bedrooms. Im not going to post any of my bedroom just cause that is weird and these pics actually show more of their toys then anything else. So this is Michael's room:

It will eventually also be Josiah's room when he outgrows sleeping in Mama's bed.

And this is the big boys' room:

They want their walls painted blue and red, like spiderman. Im not going to get into that until after xmas though so until then, their room is just plain.


Amanda said...

Nice house! The living room is so spacious and who cares if the kitchen is retro, you've got a lot of capinet space. Thanks for sharring!

Kristi said...

It's so spacious! I love it!

the Scribe of Notting Hill said...

I would die to have so much storage space in my kitchen! They just didn't build them so big in West London 100 years ago.