Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another sappy mommy post

My Oh-nee Baloney (Um, that's what we call Josiah*) was three months old yesterday. I know every parent does this but OMG where the hell did the time go? He has got to be the sweetest most delicious baby out there. Seriously, I cant even stop kissing him long enough to let him breathe, he is just that cute! Those chubby little cheeks and perfect mouth are too much to resist. NOM NOM NOM!

He hasn't reached many milestones yet, but then again he is only three months old. Im horrible at remembering to give him tummy time now so he isn't even close to rolling over. He tries to sit himself up from laying but obviously cant do it and he ends up looking rather silly.

His teeth are just starting to affect him but not enough to cause much of an issue yet. They could still be months away but he has started sucking in his lips the way that babies do when their gums hurt. I know he will look all the more adorable when those two little bottom teeth come in...oooh I cant wait!

He smiles and giggles freely and will even do a bit of a grunt/giggle when I tickle his ribs. I didn't think my others were this young when they started to respond to tickles, but maybe Im just remembering wrong. I cant wait to hear his little voice babbling in a few months. All those bababababa or mamamamama sounds are so perfect coming from little voices.

Probably the best part of his age right now is that I am the center of his world. Without a daddy, I really am the only important person in his life and he isn't shy about letting me know. I feel such a bond with him that I remember having with Rayden and Michael (Chris was different, sadly). I don't ever want to loose it but Im sure it will be gone in a couple years. This time is so precious and it is passing so fast. I feel like I just cant keep up to the speed of life right now and I want desperately for it to slow down so I can spend just a little more time with my last baby.

*Michael cant say his real name so he calls him Oh-nee and then I rhymed it with baloney and it stuck. Other favorites are Pepper-Oh-nee or Maca-Roh-nee or even bazuzel-butt. I like to stay creative with their name choices for the first couple years. It is to the point now though that it seems weird to say his real name. As long as he looses the cutesy stuff by the time he starts kindergarten though, it should be fine.

Michael had to get in on the pictures! Notice the stickers? He tried to stick them all over Josiah too. Also, these pictures are saved the right way on my computer but they got turned during the upload and I have no idea why.

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Kristi said...

Those pics are so cute!

I loved all the silly nicknames we had for Kaeli when she was a baby. Now she's just too big for most of them. Sigh. Also, she was almost always called by both her first and middle names, but somehow that's only when she's in trouble now!!