Monday, October 6, 2008

sick days

Last night a little after The Ex dropped the kids off, Rayden started complaining of a belly ache. We went through the usual list of what it could be and he didn't seem to get any better so I sent him to bed early and hoped for the best. Later, at about 3am I was woken up by the sound of the bathroom door being shut in a hurry. I had Josiah in the crook of my arm, so I didn't bother to get up, but I was pretty sure it was Rayden. Then shortly before my alarm went off this morning, I heard Chris crying about how he wasn't feeling very well.

So that was really all I needed to declare today a sick day and let everyone sleep in. We all weren't up until 10, which was heaven in itself but also created some issues. First, today is garbage day and ours is picked up at 8am. Now I have to figure out where to put an extra week's worth of garbage until they come around again next week. Also, holy hell do these kids make noise! Both Rayden and Chris seem perfectly fine now, which was to be expected really. If I had sent Rayden to school, no doubt Id have been called to come back and get him at some point in the day. But because I kept them all home, they've been non-stop playing and yelling. I even kicked the two of them outside for an hour earlier just so that Josiah could nap. I swear if I have to say "shhh" one more time...!

Tomorrow, unless he is sporting some sort of weird contagious looking rash, Rayden is going to school. Come on bedtime!


Kristi said...

Don't you just hate the law of sick days? Send them to school and they end up really being sick...let them stay home and they're totally fine.

This is going to sound so mean, but if I'm going to take a day off of work and let Kaeli stay home sick, then I want her really sick. I want her snuggled up on the couch alternating between sleeping and watching movies. That way I can snuggle with her, spoil her, and pretend she is still a baby who needs me!!!!

Alice said...

i hate it when i take a sick day to be sneaky, then end up ACTUALLY sick. i hope the boys stay well! :-)

Amanda said...

Yeah, I completly agree that you would have gotten a phone call to come and pick him up if you had sent him into to school. You definitly made the right call, but then you "suffer" after they feel better.

I guess you can never win with those type if decisions!

Astarte said...

Take that trash and sneak it into a dumpster behind a CVS or a mall!!! Just try not to get caught, since then they'll probably nag at you or something. But, it's better than keeping it around!