Saturday, October 11, 2008

Did somebody say FREE STUFF?

Mommy Daisy is giving away a Thomas the Train DVD! It is a new full-length film that any fan of the show will probably love. She gives a much better description of it over on her blog so go peoples and check it out! Be sure to enter before the 14th (I think?) when the contest closes...

And yes, I could have linked to her a few more times but thought it might be overkill... ;)


Mommy Daisy said...

Thanks, you are entered twice now. Wow, lots of linky love! Do you have some Thomas fans there?Thank you. Good luck.

Astarte said...

We used nicknames, too! Josie is 'P', Peasieweesie, etc, and Patrick is 'Beeb' or 'Beebs', which evolved from 'Baby', which turned into 'Beebee', which led, finally, to 'Beeb'.

Incidentally, the animals have the same fate. Baci is usually called Beanie Weenie, Tyler is Tyler Bear, Sasha Cat (who still hasn't come back) is Kitty Mao, and our previous dog, Cyrus, was Monster Dog.