Monday, October 27, 2008

Yay! Finally something FUN in the mail!

Not too long ago I won Mommy Daisy's Thomas the Tank Engine contest.

The DVD arrived today!!!

The kids were obviously VERY excited

And wanted it played RIGHT AWAY

This is only a preview before Thomas even makes an appearance and they are already drawn in! Chris hasn't taken his eyes off of it yet and Michael is alternating between an open-mouthed lost look on his face while he watches and playing with his new firetruck from Melissa.
SO MUCH FUN!! Thank you Mommy Daisy!


Kristi said...

I love getting fun stuff in the mail!

That is way more exciting than my electric bill!!!

Mommy Daisy said...

You are very very welcome! I'm glad that they love it so much. The look on his face is priceless.

Amanda said...

Fun stuff in the mail is so exciting! I'm 29 and feel the same way your kids do when I get something I can't wait for in the mail!

Melissa said...

Cute idea for covering addy :). ... Almost!

That's so cute they were watching it contently, glad Michael liked the fire truck. Was it hard to get together?

Miss Grace said...

Those invitations look great!