Tuesday, October 14, 2008

voting, turkey, rewards and parties

Today is election day in Canada. I've already been to my poling station and I hope that all of you fellow Canadians go out to vote today too. Im quite worried about how this one is going to turn out but I think we still have a chance. Harper and his conservatives have dropped considerably so we may just have a chance to get Dion in today, but it is a slim one. Oh my, it will be a late night tonight as we wait for all those votes to be counted from across the country. I live on the east coast and it wont be until midnight or later that the polls close on the west coast so ya, long night.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in Canada (check out Kristi's blog for a mini history lesson on why we celebrate) so we headed to my brother's place for a feast of yummy turkey. There were 17 people in all including my parents, bothers and their families. I was exhausted by the end of it all but it was a fun time. The kids are getting old enough to understand what the day was about so we spent some time Saturday making thank you cards for each member of our family. Everybody loved them and Rayden was really proud to give them out.

Also yesterday Melissa and I were shopping online, um like we always do and I found a dress that I really liked for cheap. So I ordered it and hopefully it will be here soon and I can put up some pictures of my new 50lbs lighter self! It is definitely too dressy for pretty much anything that Ill be going to but Im hoping to get out at some point to wear it. This just gives me an excuse to plan a night out now!

Speaking of nights out, Im planning a girls night for next month and I just cant wait for it. Im not sure if I mentioned it on here yet but basically I got a call from a representative of some skin product place who said I had won a party. Obviously it is just a way for me to get her some business but since she is bringing champagne and food and providing some sort of activity, I thought 'what the hell!' So now Im trying to decide what I would rather do because there are a few ways that night could go. 1) I could have everyone over while Chicky does her presentation and then we put on some girly movies with lots of munchies and yummy beverages 2) Same as 1 except no movies, more alcohol and downtown afterwards 3)both and encourage those who want to go DT to do so while those who want to stay back and hang out are welcome. I also know a few people who are representatives for some similar catalog type companies and I was thinking maybe to have a few more presentations, you know while everyone is together. Ah, any suggestions?

Michael's birthday party is also in 11 days and Im still stuck on what the heck to do with the kids. Most of them will be 1.5-3 years old so its not like we can do much, but Id like to do some sort of activity. The problem is that the party is Halloween themed and any activities that I can think of are for older kids. The party is only an hour long and Ill have food and pumpkins to decorate with Mr Potato Head pieces so maybe that is enough? Ideas are very welcome!

So that's my post about everything! Im going to challenge myself to a day without internet either tomorrow or Thursday so if you don't see me around, that's why. Happy Tuesday!


Kristi said...

A day without the Internet! Have you gone crazy!? lol!!

I think that birthday party sounds fun. I don't think you have to add anything to it!

And you can wear your new fancy dress to your night out/in. I can't wait to see pictures!!

Thanks for the shout out! I hope the election goes the way you want it. I sure hope mine does in November!

Amanda said...

Mmmmm, turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

The girls night sounds like fun and who cares if its helping someone with revanue, it'll still be a blast!

Astarte said...

Here's hoping that we ALL get better administrations this time around!!!!!