Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Contests and such

Mommy Daisy is having another Dvd give away so before you do anything else go and enter

Melissa is asking what everyone thinks of her idea for a PIF so go check that out too

And as for me, the plain white box will finally be mailed tomorrow because all of the kids will be with babysitters for awhile and I have to drive right past a post office. Woo hoo for finally getting this taken care of! I got am email last night from a lady whose PIF I won back a few months ago and she just sent my package off yesterday too! So now when that arrives Ill be able to do another PIF myself and Im thinking it would be silly to do anything but a Christmas theme.

On another note, Im getting ready to send out my xmas cards (and by getting ready I mean I still need to buy them, get pictures done, and compile my list of addresses) and Id like to send them out to you guys too. I don't know if that seems a little weird but I think it would be fun. So if anyone is interested in receiving an xmas card from moi send me a quick message with your address to cherishblog@gmail.com


Melissa said...

ME ME ME, I want Christmas cards :D lol

I can't wait to do a Christmas PIF XD

LOVE CHRISTMAS!@#$%#@!@(&^#T*

(ps. my word verification is "appymefu" haha)

Kristi said...

I love contests!! Am I a complete dork for wanting that damn plain white box so badly?!

I want a Christmas card, and I want to send you one too!!! Isn't it funny how a few months ago we didn't even know each other, and, thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, we get to be added to Christmas card lists!? I love the Internet.

Mommy Daisy said...

Hey, thanks for linking to me. I was so happy I got a hold of so many DVDs to give away this time.

Ohh, a Christmas card exchange with fellow bloggers would be fun. Do you still have my address from when I sent the DVD to you? If not I can e-mail it to you.

Whimsy said...

I am TERRIBLY late to comment - but do I dare ask? Did the plain white box make it to the post office? If so? I'm so EXCITED - you're making MY DREAMS COME TRUE. But there's no pressure, really, none at all.

In other news: I'm so glad you're feeling better.