Thursday, November 13, 2008

sick, boobs, stuff

Dont you just love NaBloPoMo? I was laying here on the couch yesterday feeling like death and trying to figure out what to write! So thats why you all got that lovely message about the state of my boob. To keep with the theme of things, Im still not going to do a real post today, but instead Ill just ramble a little. Enjoy.

My temp went as high as 106.8 last night but I refused to go through the process of getting a babysitter and going into the emergency room. So instead I took tylenol and kept a warm cloth on my boob to keep it draining. I think I was able to avoid a full blown infection though because today I am much better. I still feel like Im going to fall over at any minute but Im surviving.

Yesterday was a heck of a day, even before the whole boob pain thing but Ill have to update about that tomorrow. Right now I have to tend to Josiah who is awake AGAIN! I just need a little time to sleep today but its just not happening.

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