Sunday, November 9, 2008


Is everyone else enjoying this little treat of NaBloPoMo and all those people who keep updating their blogs on the weekend? Ive got a few favorite blogs that don't tend to update as often as Id like to read them and so imagine how tickled I was today to find that two of them had posted! Both Linda and Julia are amazing writers and I just cant seem to get enough of their blogs. I read them everywhere they write and Im always excited to get a new post in my reader.

I found both of these amazing women by way of other favorite bloggers Swistle and Linda, respectively. Im wondering now though what other awesome blogs Im missing simply because I haven't found them yet. With so many out there to explore, how do I ever read them all?

So my question to you is who do you read? What are the blogs that you just cant live without or that you think the whole world needs to read? Id love to find some more, even if I cant keep up with my blogroll as it is!

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Kristi said...

My blog list keeps getting longer and longer...there are so many interesting people out there!

Some of my favs (other than you and melissa of course!!) are:

A Yankee's Guide to Texas
Clever Girl Goes Blog
Escape from Dullsville
how do i stop this crazy train
that nurse is being such a...
The Muddled Sage
the creamery

And about 20 others on my blog roll!!