Sunday, November 16, 2008

wednesday: the day from hell

Wow. Ive been a cheat lately. Those last like 5 posts were a whole lotta nuttin' and now I feel a bit embarrassed to have posted them. I wanted to post every day for NaBloPoMo but with this killer week that Ive had there was just nothing left of my brain. Sorry. Moving on...

Wednesday morning I had to go write this big test for a job that I had applied for with the federal government. Obviously a government job would be nice because they pay well and there are benefits and whatever plus this particular one has summers off. So even though Josiah is only 4 months old, I thought I would try for it anyway and see what happens. So ya, back to the Wednesday morning. I got everyone up an hour earlier than we normally would and got everyone ready and out to the car. We didn't eat breakfast because I thought that since it was early enough we could grab some bagels or something from a drive though without having to worry too much about line ups. Problem was though that we got about 10 minutes away when I realised that I had forgotten Josiah's milk that I had expressed for the babysitter to give to him. After turning around to get it, we ended up being 20 minutes behind schedule, making the line ups and traffic that much worse.

Anyway, it was all going to work out (just barely) when I pulled into my brother's driveway only to have my car completely die. It wasn't like it just quit or whatever, I mean like all power going anywhere was gone. So in a panic I ran into my brother's house to get him to see what he could do with it and deposit two of the four children. After much trying, my brother just gave up and handed me his car keys so I could make it to the test and he would catch a ride to work. That was obviously so nice of him and way beyond anything he needed to do for me. I was grateful. But I still only had 15 minutes to get there (20 minute drive) and two kids to deposit with my mom. I also had to pick up some papers that were to be photo copied and brought with me.

Ya'll still with me? Ok. So I convinced my mom to come meet me at the test centre with my papers and she can take the kids from there, saving me a trip out of my way. I get there with like 2 minutes to go and she pulls in after me, only without my photo copied papers. Well, let me just tell you that I was not a pretty sight at that moment. I cried and generally just lost it. The stress of the morning was catching up with me and the papers were just the last straw. Anyway my mom convinced me to go in and see if they would let me write the test anyway and she would come back with the papers after she dropped the kids off at school. Thankfully they were ok with that inside and I went on to write the test in only 2 of the 4 hours. Again with the family member going above and beyond what they needed to do that day for me.

So after all that was said and done, I was still without a car and had to wait at my brother's house for most of the day until my dad could give me a ride home. When we got back to my house though, I realised that my house key was still with my car key back at my brother's house. OMG all the way back to his house we went; Im not sure if Ive mentioned this but he lives about 20 minutes away. So ya that sucked. But I got home with all the kiddies, spent about an hour trying to tidy it a bit and get at the mountain of laundry (that had piled up from the previous week of being sick) done. Rayden got dropped of from school by my mom and I started to make supper. For some reason though I started to get really cranky while making supper, it was like I had just had enough of that day and so I was taking it out on the kids and the fact that they needed me. I hate it when I get like that. I know that Im being stupid about it and that its not their fault that they need to be fed/changed/consoled/whatever at that moment, but I still do it. Argh!

By the time we were finished with supper though I found myself on the couch with like zero energy and I started to realise I was sick. I was freezing, light sensitive, tired, irritable, achy, had a head ache and my boob was killing me. Thinking about it I realised that I had had all those symptoms since that morning but they had just gotten worse and worse without me understanding that I was sick. That was until it hit me horribly and it was all I could do to get the two little ones to bed. I sent the older two to bed an hour early just because I couldn't stand the sound of their voices anymore. Nice, hey? It was a little after this point that I updated you all on the state of my fever and boob before passing out at 9 with a fever of 106.8.

So ya, that was the end of a very long, very crappy day. I am so happy that it is over and that we all survived it. I don't know how I did on the test yet but my car is fixed and in my driveway again. The house is cleanish but I still have a mountain of laundry to do. The week continued like that but Im still recuperating and cant get much more than that out of my head.


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Melissa said...

I hate feeling that way, irradiated about everything. Ever since I had a child my emotions went all hiatus on me, like for example if I dropped a pencil when I was preggo there was a good chance I could get all emo over it. Same goes for now expect it's like at any given time if I drop a pencil more than once in a row I can get major pissed... lol, Small annoyances that happen in a row can make me lose it..hehe

Astarte said...

Girl, you need to go to a DOCTOR. You need some medication for that boobie of yours, pronto. Seriously. A fever that high can seriously damage or KILL you. If you get worse, especially at night, this could get really bad for you and the kids. Please, please get some medicine.

I hope you get that job!!!!!! That would be wonderful!!!

Kristi said...

Good luck getting the job! It sounds great!

OMG I'm stressed out just reading that! I hope you're feeling better! If not you better get your butt to the doctor!

Amanda said...

What a yucky day! I hope you are feeling beter. There isn't anything worse then feeling crapy and having a list of things to do and take care of the kids. Good luck with the test scores and please share when you get them :)