Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hmm, there's not much left to talk about why not do a PIF?!
This is what I receieved in the mail the other day:

I won this PIF a few months ago and even though the lady that sent it has emailed me a few times, I've lost the link to her blog :( I dont think it would be right to reveal her real name from the postage either, so hopefully she will come by and leave her name in the comments. But thank you mystery lady, I love the gift!

So now onto my PIF!!! To enter just leave a comment about your favorite Christmas family tradition on this post before Tuesday (Dec 2) evening-ish. I havent bought the PIF prize yet but I am thinking it will probably be something to do with the upcoming holidays.

PIFs are so much fun! yay!

And just because I clicked on the wrong picture and dont know how to remove them, here is another one of Josiah in his crib...


Erin said...

We get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Usually, it's pajamas, but I LOVE to open that ONE present!

Melissa said...

Oooh oooh oooh! I'm entering :)

My favorite Christmas Tradition is going out to see the lit houses on Christmas eve and going to my dad's best friends house!!! By far the best..
and opening one gift on Christmas Eve, but not this year :D (when Violet is older) heh.


Kristi said...

I love opening one present on Christmas Eve also! I usually cave and let Kaeli open more than one, though!!

Kaeli also pics out a new ornament every year. It's so fun to see what she chooses and how much her preferences change from year to year.

Also, I love watching Christmas mmovies. The Santa Clause (1 and 2) with Tim Allen and A Christmas Story are my very favorites!!

Astarte said...

My favorite thing is walking through the 50 acre planned garden where DH and I were married. Every year, they light the entire thing with not only regular lights, but huge animatronic things, like a giant lighted dragon that blows smoke. They have a huge indoor garden as well that they fill with a huge miniature village and train setup. After we walk through, we go indoors, where there's a wonderful catered bakesale and instrumental concert.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

My favorite thing is eating warm cinnamon buns Christmas morning while we open presents with a nice cup of tea. It just makes you all warm inside while you enjoy watching the faces of your family open thier presents!